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Our 10 and 8 frame beekeeping kits include what one colony needs to live in for one year. Our policy is to not over-sell to our customers and teach rather than tell. During your colonies first year, your bees may need more than our kit, but they certainly won't need less.
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Cypress - Box Joints - Durable
10 Frame Hive Kits
10 frame equipment is the most popular choice among beekeepers
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Cypress - Box Joints - Durable
8 Frame Hive Kits
8 frame equipment is lighter and popular with those that may not be able to lift 50 lbs
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Cypress - Box Joints - Durable
5 Frame Hive Kits
Use typically for transporting or housing bees for only a couple weeks
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Box Joints

We use box joints over other options because of it's added strength. The interlocking joints provides more surface area for glue to hold onto and creates an assembled box that will last decades.

Cypress Wood Equipment

We chose to offer cypress wood because of it's incredible, natural ability to resist rot and decay. No need to paint or stain it unless you want to. It will last decades either way. #saynotopine

7/8-Inch Boards

Our equipment is made from 7/8-inch boards, which is a thicker and more durable than the standard beekeeping equipment. Bonus! It's still compatable with the standard equipment. 

Essential Tools

Smokers - Hive Tools - Bee Brush - Hand Tools - Etc...

Equipment Accessories

Excluders - Frame Spacers - Hive Stands - Entrance Reducers - Etc...

Feeding Supplies

Entrance Feeders - Baggies - Top Feeders - Jars - Etc...

Honey Harvesting Supplies

Bottling Buckets - Strainers - Jars - Fume Boards - Uncapping Tools - Etc...

Pest Control

Small Hive Beetle - Varroa Mites - Wax Moths - Etc..
10 Frame, 8 Frame and 5 Frame Hive Parts
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Build your hive a-la-cart or add to your existing hives and get exactly what your bees need.
10 Frame Hive Parts
Bottom Boards, Inner Covers, Boxes, Telescoping Covers, Etc...
8 Frame Hive Parts
Bottom Boards, Inner Covers, Boxes, Telescoping Covers, Etc...
5 Frame Hive Parts
Bottom Boards, Inner Covers, Boxes, Telescoping Covers, Etc...
Shop our 5 frame hive parts
Frames and Foundation
Deep and Medium Frames, Foundation, Foundation-less Frames, etc...

Customer Reviews

Fantastic class. We learned so much about bees. Adam is a knowledgeable, excellent, organized teacher. I would highly recommend this one day class to anyone considering keeping bees. We actually suited up and were able to view several active hives- seeing first hand bees at work.

Ginny W Via Facebook

Awesome service. Our first order was completed a week or so ago and could not have asked for anything better. Quality is A+ and the communication was great.

John H via Google Reviews

Products have totally met my expectations and hopes! Now to see how the bees like them. Thanks for the quality merchandise and the considerate customer service and inquiry. I'll likely be(e) back for more.

Kevin D Via Amazon Seller Feedback