10 Frame Beekeeping Kit

10 Frame Beehives on Stand
10 Frame Beekeeping Kits
10 frame complete hive kits and 10 frame boxes with frames and foundation
We Include The Whole Hive
Our 10 frame beginner beekeeping kits are packaged so you can buy everything you need for one hive to live in for one year. Each of our kits include what each hive will need on the outside and the inside of the hive, from the bottom board to the frames and foundation and up to the telescoping cover.
We Only Sell The Best
Our equipment is made from cypress wood which is an excellent wood for beekeeping and significantly better quality than standard pine wood. We've gone out of the way to save you time by including foundation that has an extra layer of beeswax on it so you (and your bees) will love it.
The Choice is Yours
We want you to find the right option that fits you, so that's why you have the choice to get your equipment unassembled, assembled or assembled, primed and painted. Regardless of your budget, we have an option that fits well into your beekeeping (and budget) goals.
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5 products