JCBA Rental Kit
JCBA Rental Kit
JCBA Rental Kit
JCBA Rental Kit
JCBA Rental Kit
JCBA Rental Kit

JCBA Rental Kit

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Select your pickup date to reserve the extractor kit.

The rental period is one week. If reserved for pickup on a Tuesday, the kit needs to be returned the following Tuesday or earlier. 

Pickup and return the kit to the Foxhound Bee Company store during our store hours.

424 9th Street North, Birmingham, AL 35203

This rental is for members of the Jefferson County Beekeepers in Birmingham, Alabama. In order to rent this extractor, you have to be a member of the club in good standing.

In order to book or reserve the extractor, use the calendar above to choose your pickup date for the extractor. The rental period is for one week from the pickup date. The extractor can be brought back early during the store's open hours.

The extractor kit needs to be brought back clean and ready to be given to the next club member. If equipment needs to be cleaned or replaced, that expense will be shared with JCBA. So please honor our time and the club by bringing equipment back clean and ready to use. 

Extractor Kit Includes: 

6/3 Stainless steel extractor with hand crank

Extracts 3 deep or 3 medium or 6 shallow frames tangentially

Uncapping fork

Double metal strainer

Heated uncapping knife with thermostat control

5-gallon bottling bucket with honey gate

Double uncapping tank

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