Bottling Bucket and Lid with Pre-Drilled Hole and Valve

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  • THE BASIC BOTTLING KIT: This kit is the basic bottling bucket for getting honey into plastic or glass bottles. It includes the bucket with pre-drilled hole, a lid and a plastic honey gate. 
  • FOOD GRADE MATERIALS: The transparent 5-gallon bucket can hold 60lbs of honey is made with #5 polypropylene, food-grade recyclable plastic that is safe for long-term food contact so your honey can stay as pure as the bees made it.
  • PRE-DRILLED HOLE FOR HONEY GATE: European honey gate with O-ring is included with your bottling set and simply screws into the pre-drilled hole in the bucket; each hole is drilled to just fit the honey gate; simply install by screwing the threaded gate into the hole with firm pressure

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