Local Honey By The Ounce - In-Store Only
Local Honey By The Ounce - In-Store Only

Local Honey By The Ounce - In-Store Only

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Currently in our bottling tank is Avondale Honey

If you are looking for bulk honey or want to recycle your jars, come by our store in Birmingham and we will fill your jars up. We keep our bottling tank with local honey that will change from time to time but will always be local, delicious, and raw. 

.63 cents an oz for honey in your own jar, that's a great deal. One pound of honey would cost $10.08

  • Step 1- Give us your clean jar and lid and let us weigh it for you. 
  • Step 2- Place your open jar under the honey tank valve with jar touching the valve.
  • Step 3 -Slowly pull down on the bottling handle to fill the jar, stopping 1-inch before the jar is filled; allowing the honey to drip into the jar before pulling away. 
  • Step 4- Hand us your sealed jar and we will weigh it and calculate the price. 

Can I bring any jar to fill?

Jars with lids the size of a standard mason jar or large can be used. 

Can I bring in jars for a wedding or other special event? 

Yes, as long as the lid is the size of a mason jar or larger. Small honey bears or mini jars that are popular as favors can't be filled. We do have mini jars available with pricing for special events, click here to see them

I'm nervous about filling the jars and don't want to make a mess.

We are happy to help and will do it for you if you'd like. 

Can I bring a gallon container? What about a 5-gallon bucket? 

Yes, just make sure it's clean. And for the 5-gallon bucket, sure just call us first. 



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