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Varroa Mite Board

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  • NEW VERSION COMING: We have modified our screened bottom boards, so these trays are being redesigned to fit the new and improved slot. We will update our images and listing when we have our new trays in. 
  • VERSATILE: Varroa mite boards are also called IPM boards, sticky boards or simply slide in trays, but they can be very useful to beekeepers. Their job is very simple, to slide into the back of the hive underneath the screen on a screened bottom board.
  • INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM): These boards do not keep pest numbers down on their own, but are used to measure the number of varroa mites in a colony of bees. A natural amount of varroa mites fall off the bees and if this board is placed under the screened bottom board for 24 hours, the mites that fall onto the board can be counted and used to make a varroa control decision.
  • EASY TO SEE DESIGN: The checkerboard design is colored to contrast when the brownish-red color of the varroa mite, making it easier to count the varroa mites. The numbered grid helps beekeepers stay organized as they count mites on the board.
  • WINTER: The board can also be slide into the back of the bottom board to reduce drafts during the winter, assisting your bees in controlling the temperature of their cluster during the winter.
  • USED FOR VARROA TREATMENTS: Some treatments like oxalic acid sublimation, apiguard, formic acid, and others work better when the screened bottom board is closed. Some of the vapors can degrade the quality of the board, so we recommend sliding the board in with the colored side down when using with varroa treatments


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