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Frame Assembly Tool

Frame Assembly Tool

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  • WHAT IT IS? This is a tool used to assemble bee frames quickly and easily. Assembling frames can be tedious when doing more than 20 at a time, so we have made a smaller version of our 50 frame jig we use. This jig holds 10 frames at a time, keeping them secure while you glue and nail the frames together. 
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? This jig has a very simple design but works extremely well. Better than any other jig we have seen for assembling frames. We have assembled over 10,000 frames using this same design and it works great. The sidebars for 10 frames are held upright in place and still. Bottom bars are glued and nailed into the sidebar before the jig is flipped over. Then top bars are attached and the assembled frames slide out.
  • WHO IS IT FOR? This jig assembled deep, medium, and also shallow frames, 10 at a time. Regardless if it's your first year or your 10th, this frame jig will make the assembling of frames process much easier. You'll thank yourself for buying after your first batch.
  • ASSEMBLED: Comes completely assembled with glue and staples.


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